Book Reviews

Yes Please! – Amy Poehler

This book is hilarious.

In my opinion, Amy Poehler is hands down one of the funniest people and writers of our generation.

She writes very frankly, very honestly, and with a lot of humour. She touches on all sorts of topics but brings light to them all.

I identify a lot with certain parts of her story (I’ll let you guess which parts, but I’ll give you a clue – it’s not the cocaine part) and it’s interesting to see how these things shaped and moulded her, when I’ve often seen them as things that hold me back.

She is an activist and a proud feminist but also shares stories of moments that she has been overpowered and overlooked. She shares stories as well where she has been the one in the wrong and has said and done things she regretted.

She talks about SNL, Parks and Rec, Baby Mama, her other work with Tina Fey, her passions and calling, her kids, her marriage and divorce, her writing, her love of the moon, her very average childhood… everything you would want to know about is in her book. Did I mention it’s also really funny?

The audiobook is especially a good format for this – it adds a lot to the words!

Medium: Audiobook

When: February 2020

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