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Thanks for visiting ellenwiggins.com (previously 24hrpioneer.com).

I am Ellen and this is my ever-evolving site. That’s me on the right, and the man in the Crazy Arm t-shirt is my husband Tom. We got married in October 2016, moved to Canada in the summer of 2018, had a baby in 2021 and moved back to England.

In Vancouver we lived our life surrounded by beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, lovely neighbours, a fantastic church community and a lot of great coffee shops and sushi!

We’re back in NW England now, settling back into our apartment, re-acquainting ourselves with local friends and church, and enjoying being around family, all with the addition of our gorgeous girl Maisie.

If you click on Blog above you’ll see the many categories that I try to update semi-regularly, including Everyday Adventuring, Life in Vancouver, Travel Diaries, Parenthood, and a spot of Creative Writing every now and then.

Hope you enjoy your time here, feel free to leave comments or chat to me on Instagram!