I have been blogging in various places over the last 10+ years and have now settled in here at ellenwiggins.com.

My blog is very much a representation of my mind – there’s posts about daily life, moving to Canada, faith, travelling, parenting, and anything else that I want to talk or share about!

This site continues to evolve over time. This blog began life as 24Hr Pioneer – an idea that came to fruition late in 2017, when I had discovered a love for sewing and wanted to use that skill alongside other passions – empowering others, and pioneering new ides. I was planning to interview people, teach some sewing basics, and sell some of my makes.

Since then, it became and has remained a blog site. This change came when Tom and I moved to Vancouver – I figured it would be a way to keep people up to date with how and what we were doing and also share about our unfolding adventure. I kept the name as it still seemed to fit with the original vision enough of pioneering. In 2022 I decided to drop the 24Hr Pioneer and change the site name to my name – it’s uncomplicated, unassuming, and I don’t have to explain it!