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Opinion – Harry & Meghan

I was and always have been a big fan of Prince Harry. When Meghan Markle came on the scene I was happy for both of them - it always seemed like such a genuine love, and a really good match. I was quick to watch the Oprah interview with the pair, and also really liked… Continue reading Opinion – Harry & Meghan

Everyday Adventuring

Unexpected Friendships

Going to Canada, making friends wasn’t something high up on my list of things to do. Our plan was to go for only one year as per our visa, and who can make friends in a year?!  Something that stands out about cities like Vancouver is that there's often a very transient population - people… Continue reading Unexpected Friendships

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Absence, presence, chaos & order.

It’s been… a while, to say the least, since I last posted. And the reason is the title of this post! Maisie is a handful, in the very best way. She’s curious, playful, and loving. And that requires most of my attention, most of the time. That means that, for a while, I don’t have… Continue reading Absence, presence, chaos & order.