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Happy 2023!

Apparently tomorrow is the most common day for people to fail their new year’s resolutions – not sure if that’s a date thing or a third Thursday of the year thing, but I figure maybe the way around that is to only set your resolutions now…

I joke, I wrote this as a draft two weeks ago and never hit publish. But there may some longevity in it. I feel like I’m over the Christmas holidays, the house is all tidied away of decorations, and I actually want to eat some salads and vegetables at this point. Maybe it is a good time to set intentions?

I always grew up setting resolutions and then over the years have gone through “goals”, “expectations”, “aims”, and more iterations I’m sure. Sometimes I stick to them, sometimes I don’t, but I think it’s fun to set these goals because, as long it’s realistic and healthy, there’s no harm in it, and it might just be the motivation you need to do something!

This year I want to be a bit more goal-oriented overall. I feel like the last year and a half have been more reactive to situation (no coincidence that I have an 18 month old…), which is absolutely fine and to be expected, but now that we’re kind of settling down I want to get a bit more intentional. So here’s my aims:

  • Respond to messages in a more timely manner. I’m truly hopeless at this, and I think people think I’ve forgotten about them or don’t care, and that’s really not the case.
  • Do more interesting stuff with Maisie mid-week. Like go to the park more, go to the aquarium, the zoo, museums, other parks etc.
  • Make and drink more coffee. I’m a decaf girl anyway, so it’s not like that’s a bad thing…
  • More weekends away/trips. I’m hoping for at least Belfast, somewhere in mainland Europe, and London before the year is out.
  • Stick to a cleaning schedule.
  • Read and write more. I have like three book ideas and a bajillion blogs have written. I have boxes of books and loads on Kindle and Apple Books to get through too. Hopefully one will beget the other.
  • Set some healthier habits. Like more fruit/veg, fewer “treats”, and more exercise – particularly more walks! Oh, and more sleep – it’s quite Maisie-dependent but at least going to bed at a more reasonable time is in my control.
  • Move house. This is a big one, but hopefully doable.

Maybe I’ll check back in over the course of the year and see how these things are going!

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