The sudden, unexpected weaning

My mum sent me an article about a woman who's son suddenly weaned at 18 months. The woman shared the physical and emotional pain she went through as her son stopped breastfeeding and only drank from a bottle and ate solids. I had also recently heard a lot about post-weaning depression and the hormonal changes… Continue reading The sudden, unexpected weaning

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Absence, presence, chaos & order.

It’s been… a while, to say the least, since I last posted. And the reason is the title of this post! Maisie is a handful, in the very best way. She’s curious, playful, and loving. And that requires most of my attention, most of the time. That means that, for a while, I don’t have… Continue reading Absence, presence, chaos & order.

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Flying with a Newborn

I had read that travelling with a baby has airlines treating you like royalty and that’s not far off true! Checking in, we didn’t have to line up - just got ushered to the front of the line for family check in. At security there was only a handful of people in line, but I’m… Continue reading Flying with a Newborn


Newborn and Postpartum First Week Must Haves

You’ll find thousands of these lists online, but I figured I might as well share mine too! I was so grateful for these items, I’d like to think I might help out even one other person with this list. I was lucky to have friends share some useful tips with me, I also read many… Continue reading Newborn and Postpartum First Week Must Haves


The First 48 Hours

So here we go, a new section of the blog now that I am a MOTHER! I assume that if you're here, you are up to date on the whole journey so far, but if not, here’s a very brief catch up... I have kept a diary of my pregnancy here on my blog, and… Continue reading The First 48 Hours