The First 48 Hours

So here we go, a new section of the blog now that I am a MOTHER! I assume that if you're here, you are up to date on the whole journey so far, but if not, here’s a very brief catch up... I have kept a diary of my pregnancy here on my blog, and… Continue reading The First 48 Hours

Pregnancy Diaries

Maisie’s Arrival

So the final instalment of the pregnancy diaries is here. The moment it was all leading up to… the arrival of our baby! Maisie arrived on Thursday, July 22nd at 4.22pm. It started on the Saturday before. I had passed my due date by three days and had come to terms with the fact I… Continue reading Maisie’s Arrival

Pregnancy Diaries

The Shortest Week of Pregnancy (so far…) & Week 40 Update

From week 37 I was scheduled for weekly appointments at the midwife clinic (common practice, nothing special!) and along with that also came the change in provincial rules around Covid so Tom was also allowed to join me from then on! Yay! It was exciting being able to have him there to hear the heartbeat… Continue reading The Shortest Week of Pregnancy (so far…) & Week 40 Update

Life in Vancouver

Essay on the Importance of Integration in Spirituality

I took a class in the winter term called Introduction to World Christianity. I loved the class so much - we spent one week looking at the history of Christianity on each major continent, learning about their introductions to Christianity, their indigenous influences and spirituality and what Christianity looks like there today - including hearing… Continue reading Essay on the Importance of Integration in Spirituality

Pregnancy Diaries

Discharged from the GD Clinic

The last time I shared about Gestational Diabetes (at the beginning of June), I mentioned being able to take a two day gap between each of my blood sugar testing days. Testing at that rate lasted for about two weeks, then I had another phone appointment with the Endocrinologist - who was again very impressed… Continue reading Discharged from the GD Clinic

Pregnancy Diaries

37 Weeks Pregnant in the Heat Dome

It's been on the news in the UK and anyone here in Vancouver will have been acutely aware of the heat wave we had last week. We were in a heat dome cause by La Niña pushing a bunch of hot air over the Pacific North West and BC which meant that there was hot,… Continue reading 37 Weeks Pregnant in the Heat Dome

Pregnancy Diaries

30 and 30

At the beginning of May I turned 30 and reached 30 weeks pregnant in the same week which I thought was quite novel! I think I mentioned it in a previous post, but since reaching second trimester, I felt like time was flying by, this lasted up until week 37, where it suddenly seems to… Continue reading 30 and 30

Pregnancy Diaries

My Baby Shower!

With all the restrictions around from Covid I wasn't sure if I'd be able to have a baby shower, especially not in person. One of my friends reached out to me asking me if I wanted her to organise something for me, so we tentatively booked a date (May 8th - week 30), hoping that… Continue reading My Baby Shower!

Pregnancy Diaries

Second Trimester

Time is flying by at the moment, so I thought I'd do a general overview of the second trimester! I've shared some specifics of symptoms and food cravings/aversions in separate posts so you can read about those things there. My mum and sister bought me a My Bump & Me book to fill in as… Continue reading Second Trimester

Pregnancy Diaries

Penicillin Allergy No More!

One very exciting piece of information coming from this pregnancy, besides the obvious, is that I have been de-labelled penicillin allergic. When I was a kid I had an allergic reaction to penicillin so for the rest of my life I have had to write the allergy on forms, during school I wore a bracelet… Continue reading Penicillin Allergy No More!