Book Reviews

Dirty Glory – Pete Greig

An excellent book that has genuinely challenged me to think and act differently.

So rich with stories and scripture.

Some of my key take aways:

Sometime, God wants us just to choose His presence, and to be content in simply being with Him.

A 15 year journey of a prayer movement is simplified into one thing in the last chapter: just say yes. Listen and look for where the Holy Spirit is leading, and say yes.

Trust God for the little and big things – even the really practical things!

So many times whilst I was listening to this book it references or matched up with the scripture from my daily reading plan too…

The stories are all so dynamic they’re almost unbelievable… but most certainly inspirational.

I highly recommend this book.

Medium: Audible

When: February 2020

A little additional note on this book’s practical take away…

There was a chapter with a story about a woman who was struggling financially but wanting to give everything to God by way of service to the 24/7 Prayer movement.

She accepted the invitation to travel to South Africa without fully having the means to go, and asked God to provide.

When she returned, the floor of her boiler cupboard was covered in cash, with zero possibility of it being human intervention.

She told lots of friends and whenever they came over they always checked the cupboard in hopes of finding cash. One day, she and another leader were meeting to discuss a youth event and were praying for finances. He has already checked the cupboard when he arrived and found it empty. But, as they discussed plans and the need for money, they heard rustling in her cupboard, opened it up and found a stack of cash. God heard their prayer and provided there and then.

One day not long after reading this I was doing laundry and was short of one coin (the machine takes 2x $1 coins and 1x quarter/25c), so I decided to pray because I knew God could provide. I then had a thought to check a different purse, and sure enough, lurking inside was the coin I needed. Now, that coin could have been there all along, but logic tells me it wasn’t – I had emptied out everything else into my regular purse, why would I have left $1? I honestly believe that God answered my prayer in the most practical way. It just took the encouragement of hearing the story and believing He could do the same for me.

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