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The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

I wanted to get back into actually reading and not just listening to audiobooks. So I downloaded one of my favourite series – The Hunger Games – and ploughed through the first book in just under a week.

It is very well written and a great story. I actually then read an interview with Suzanne Collins that was in the back of the special addition I bought. She explained how the whole story of The Hunger Games is to discuss Just War Theory with a younger audience. Incredibly interesting in the current climate we are finding ourselves in – Just War Theory is about our perspectives on fighting changing from it being a bad thing to a positive in times of need.

So in The Hunger Games, Collins uses the oppression of the Districts as the vehicle that makes fighting just – because people have lost their human rights and rise up against the regime keeping them trapped, to ultimately win freedom for all. It’s where war becomes the right thing, even though we all usually see it morally as a negative that causes death and destruction.

Reading this interview opens up a whole new realm in the story arc, as Collins explains how Peeta and Gale represent two sides of rising up against oppression – one being to use voice and democracy, the other being to use force and strength – and as Katniss battles to choose which man she will side with, she is actually choosing which world view she holds.

Medium: eBook

When: May 2020

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