Book Reviews

Get Out of Your Own Way – Dave Hollis

This is Dave Hollis’ first book, and his is a new voice in the personal development world, following his wife Rachel Hollis into it…

I got this book because I enjoy Dave and Rach’s Start Today Morning Show on Instagram, I really enjoyed Rachel’s books, and I find the way they talk about life and leadership really authentic and fun.

Dave wrote this personal development book from the angle of a skeptic, which I appreciate. He addresses how not everyone is motivated in the same way, and only hearing from people who are self-motivated doesn’t help people who are less naturally inclined to push and strive in the way some people are.

He shares stories you wouldn’t expect, and brings perspectives that you wouldn’t see in yourself or your relationships without that prompting.

I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it!

Medium: Audible

When: May 2020

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