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The Hunger Games, Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

The second in the trilogy and possibly my least favourite.

The reason? One third of the book is this back and forth where Katniss is presented as a confused girl choosing between two love interests. It just doesn’t fit with how she’s portrayed in the rest of the story.

The slight saving grace of this is what I learned from the interview I shared about in the review of book one – where Peeta and Gale represent different world views and therefore her being torn between the males isn’t just thing YA novel getting its share of romance, but actually the protagonist deciding where she stands in life.

However, a lot of time is given to this and it’s suddenly the quarter quell and hardly any narrative between the reaping and the entrance to the games is shared.

The games themselves are great. The imagination and originality is fantastic and it keeps you gripped.

It ends very abruptly and on a huge cliff hanger into the third book!

Medium: eBook

When: June 2020

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