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The Hunger Games, Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

The end of the trilogy!

The writing definitely gets a little lazy/predictable towards the end of the trilogy. I wonder if it’s because by the third book in a series you’re guaranteed an audience…? I also feel like a thesaurus was heavily thumbed by the end of it too.

Anyways, content-wise, it’s straight to the point and develops quickly. By this point, I’m fully connected to Katniss as the book is told from her perspective. You kind of get past the Gale v Peeta thing by this point too as you can see where her feelings lie.

It’s a good end to the story and not what you expect. There’s lot of action and drama but also secrets and deception.

I decided to rewatch the movies having freshly read the books and they just do not compare. They’re good as stand alone films but so much detail is lost or changed that they end up hazy.

I am a big fan of The Hunger Games trilogy and would definitely recommend them for an easy read. They’re certainly not just a young adult series, especially when you read the interview with Suzanne Collins like I did (which was at the end of book 1 in the special anniversary edition) where she talks about Just War Theory and then you can see that coming into play throughout the series.

Medium: eBook

When: July 2020

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