Life in Vancouver

Packing Up – Clearing Out

In the last four weeks we have purchased in excess of 30 plastic storage boxes. Our storage space is getting more and more full, but somehow the flat doesn’t look much different! When you actually look at the rooms, it’s clear that we’ve done a lot, but the first impression is that there is still stuff everywhere.

Packing is definitely the hardest bit of the move so far. We’re renting out our flat whilst we’re gone and the family renting from us are bringing their furniture, so we’ve not only been packing our things, but our furniture too. It’s added another dimension to clearing the flat out that in this heat isn’t very fun!

We started off with the intention to have a clear out as we packed, but the closer our moving date got, we realised we’d be better off doing it the other way round – pack now, and sort when we return. It’s made things much easier, and when we come back we’ll know whether stuff is worth keeping or not; if we’ve not missed it, we’ll get rid of it!

It’s now a week until we go, and yesterday we went to toast some bagels for lunch, but realised we’d already packed the toaster. We then put the grill on ready to toast the bagels that way, for smoke to then billow out of the oven door. So today we’ve been to buy a new oven. Turns out this one was installed in 1998…

We logged into our accounts to print off what we need when we enter the country and to get our visas today and quickly realised we also needed to sort health insurance. So today has ended up as a surprisingly expensive day. With all the additional things that are cropping up along with the expected stresses, hassles, plus the extra costs that tagged on today, I am really having to remind myself why we are doing all this and that it really will be worth it.

A couple of weeks ago I was helping my dad demolish a wall outside their house. They were keeping the bricks for something in the back garden which meant I couldn’t just whack the wall with the sledgehammer like I wanted to. It had to be brick by brick by brick. It was a much slower process and took a lot more precision and effort, but it was worthwhile because it’ll make something pretty cool once they’re done.

The process just struck me as a metaphor of our move really. We want to just go at it and have everything done all at once, but actually we have to go step by step by step. Sometimes those steps are easy, sometimes they’re a bit tricky to figure out and sometimes they’re a shock and bit painful (spiders coming out of the mortar and dropping bits of brick on your feet are the likeness to knocking the wall down here…), but it’s all part of the process and will all be worth it in the end!

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