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Food Aversions & Cravings

Pregnancy really is a rollercoaster of happenings. Each week seems to bring with it a wealth of new symptoms and food cravings/aversions are a common new occurance every few days. If I have any to add to the list in later weeks, I’ll update it!


Chocolate. Early on, I went completely off chocolate. Which is mad. I’m usually a chocoholic who can make a large bar of Dairy Milk disappear in one sitting. My family even sent a package to us as a congratulations gift box with a few bars of UK Dairy Milk in it, I shared them with Tom and we took about two months to finish two bars, and then I didn’t touch the third bar, I just let Tom have it. Seeing as I hadn’t done any housework in about two months at that point I was feeling Tom deserved it!!

Hot Drinks. Really disappointed to have gone off coffee. Still love the smell of it, but have made myself only two at home coffees in the last six months and had maybe four take away coffees! I just haven’t fancied it at all. In fact, hot drinks have just not appealed to me. I think I’ve had one cup of tea! I bought a load of interesting fruity and herbal teas at the end of the summer and they’re all still sitting basically untouched in the cupboard…

Cold Drinks. Furthermore, any kind of flavoured drink wasn’t that appealing. Even plain tap water often made me feel quite nauseous. I started getting pretty dehydrated so had to find some alternatives!


(although I’m not sure I’ve actually craved anything, I’ve just liked things more than normal!)

Takoyaki. The first thing I kind of craved was Takoyaki. Suddenly really fancied it so we ordered it.

Bread. Man I can’t get enough bread! I’m not usually much of a bread lover. Never been a huge fan of sandwiches. Since being pregnant Subway has been my most frequented places. And tomato soup with a baguette has become a staple.

COLD water. It’s the best. Run the tap for a good minute so the glass goes all condensation-y. Mmmmmmm.

Hot chocolate. The one hot drink that I’ve been into. But even then, I threw up a fair few early on!

Fruit. Thankfully I started really wanting fruit a couple months back! I would eat loads of grapes, strawberries, bananas, melon, raspberries, apples. All fruit was very appealing.

Fruit juice. Apple juice, orange juice, smoothies. Obviously being careful about my sugar intake, but a good glass of cold fruit juice always hits the spot.

Experiencing Food Twice Over…

So one thing my sister found very entertaining was when I gave a rundown of what food is ok to throw up and what food isn’t. It turns out that some food actually is fine to throw up, and some is really horrible. For anyone interested, read on….

Good Foods

Caesar Salad – as long as it hasn’t had too long to digest, tastes as fresh the second time as the first.

Berries and cream – second time round is like a smoothie!

Bad Foods

Instant noodles. The strong hoi sin flavour and the noodle texture are not a good combo when repeated.

Japadog – this is a Vancouver special hybrid food, a hot dog, with a Japanese twist so has really cool toppings. They do not taste good the second time around.

Chocolate Frosties. Not good at all.

Unlike Caesar Salad, some foods that taste just like they did when you ate them are not as appealing. This was the case for Shepherd’s Pie, Sushi (I’ve followed the pregnancy guidelines with this one), and Subway.

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