Life in Vancouver

One Year Later

It was this day last year that we found out we got our visas to come and live in Canada!

We’d just arrived in Vancouver for a holiday three days earlier, and we were on our way to pick up a car so we could go drive to Whistler. We stopped at Grounds For Coffee for cinnamon buns and that’s where we found the emails telling us we could come back and stay! It was a very surreal moment. Years of dreaming suddenly becoming a reality.

Obviously then, we still had a way to go before it truly was a reality, and here we are, one year on, living it out!

We’ve now settled into our flat – we have a working lift, a lovely sofa, a table and chairs, it feels like home!

I’ve had a job interview, and am waiting to hear back about it at the moment. Tom is still chipping away at the project he started when we first arrived along with another project he’s also taken on.

Amy has been out to visit, we did lots of touristy things with her – the lookout, Stanley Park totem poles, aquarium, Bard on the Beach, Gastown, I went up to whistler with her for a few days which she absolutely loved. We also went to Steveston (or Town of Steves as she liked to call it) which is where Once Upon A Time was filmed so that was pretty cool. We shopped in what was used as Gold’s shop, and ate in what was used for Granny’s Diner. We also went to the Police Museum, which started off really cool and interesting then took a really gross turn with pickled bits of people on the wall showing gun shot wounds and skin burns, and aneurisms. I nearly threw up when I then turned around to see a bone saw. But overall, we had a great time.

My parents were meant to arrive the afternoon after Amy, but issues with visas meant they were delayed a week so we only got a 26 hour cross over! It did happen to be my mum’s 60th birthday though so that was good we got to spend it all together. We went up Grouse Mountain, ate at Jericho Beach, and the next day went to Granville Island before taking Amy to the airport.

It’s been kind of strange having visitors because in one sense it makes me feel like a tourist, because I’m doing all of the stuff I did as a tourist, but on the other hand I am showing people the city, so it makes it feel more like home. Either way, I’m happy to be here. I love this city, and it’s great being able to call it home!

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