Life in Vancouver

Where did 2019 go?!

It’s February. I swear every month of last year I was shocked that we’d lost another one. Time just seems to be racing at the moment. Is that an age thing? Because it’s happening again! It’s February 2020!

For 2019 I wrote a total of 5 blogs on 24hr Pioneer – one after Christmas 2018, one in Spring, one in Summer then two on the subtle differences of living in Vancouver compared to the UK.

That wasn’t a lot. But to be honest, I was kind of at a loss for what to write most of the year. New things weren’t really happening, and I don’t feel like you’ll all be that interested in me doing laundry, going to work and the other mundanities of life…

But, I forget that every person’s normal isn’t like another’s, so maybe there is value in sharing the mundane, because it won’t be mundane to others.

Also, we’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the last year, that I’ve then kind of been too busy to share about in the moment so have just let it pass me by without comment.

So I figure this year I am going to backdate some adventure blogs!

Here’s some of the things we did in 2019, most of which wouldn’t have ever been considered normal before moving out here…

  • We spent 2+ week vacations with each of our families
  • I went skiing
  • We went to Victoria and Nanaimo
  • We went to Whistler, BC, twice
  • We went to Bellevue, Washington
  • I went to Kamloops, Hope and Harrison Hot Springs
  • We went to Oahu, Hawaii
  • I went in a maize maze
  • We bought a car
  • We went to Seattle, Washington
  • I got a new job, and then quit it (and was pretty sad about that!)
  • We helped out at a local church plant launch
  • We served at said church plant for the following 4 months ish
  • I bought a ukulele
  • We bought new furniture at Ikea
  • We went to the UK on a holiday
  • We filed taxes
  • We went up the local mountain in every season
  • We saw wild black bears for the first time
  • We went to a Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown
  • We made and ate meals at the young adults lunch at church
  • We joined the hospitality team as team leads at church
  • We went to a church conference
  • We organised a church retreat
  • I organised a women’s event at church
  • We house sat twice for new friends
  • We went to the theatre a few times
  • I went to the dentist for the first time in about 10 years
  • We embarked on a journey of being intentional neighbours
  • We held an ice cream social event to get to know our neighbours
  • We saw Spinal Tap at a cinema with a live band performing the songs
  • We started a small group
  • We started co-hosting a board game night at church
  • We shared our neighbouring stories at an evening event
  • We took English tests
  • I got 3 tattoos…


So there we go… turns out maybe there was a reason that 2019 went by in such a flash!!!

As I said above, I’m going to write up some separate blogs about some of the stuff in that list. Just the stuff that’s worthwhile. Like my trip to the dentist. I joke. (Plus, I actually already wrote that post here. lols) But for reals, I’d like to share more about the trips we’ve taken and some other bits, they were fun, and I took loads of pictures!

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